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Charges & Rates for Facilities & Services

Charges & Rates for Facilities & Services

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Charges & Rates for Facilities & Services (for Craft up to 7ft beam)

All prices are inclusive VAT at the current applicable rate and payable in advance.

Water & Electric power are available. Electric supplies are metered and will require a 10-25 metre extension lead with 16 Amp plug & socket.

Item Up to 49ft 49ft & Over Wide Beam
Craning (Out & In) 330.00 360.00 plus 90.00
Craneage Off or On Transport to or from Canal 270.00 330.00 plus 90.00
Craneage Off Transport to Hardstanding incl. 2 sleeper high chocking and the cost of craning the craft into the Canal or onto Transport 390.00 450.00 plus 90.00
In addition a minimum of 4 weeks
hardstanding must be paid prior to unloading.

All Wide beam craft plus £90 unless otherwise stated.
Hardstanding per week 66.00 72.00 plus 12.00
Any craft which 'overstays' the stated time ashore (as indicated at the outset of the job) will have to pay a minimum of 150.00 crane lift fee if the boat requires moving for whatever reason, as determind by Willowbridge Marina. The area around and beneath a hardstanding boat must be kept clear, clean and tidy at all times and an owner must completely clean up after the craft's removal.
Pressure Wash/Blacking
Craft up to 7ft beam, Hull sides from the chine to the top rubbing strake
Pressure Wash
plus 60.00

Blacking per coat incl. the materials
plus 120.00

Comastic or Bitumastic
per coat , incl. materials

plus 120.00
Two Pack Epoxy (space permitting) 300.00
per coat plus materials
plus 120.00
Car Parking for additional vehicles (at the management discretion) £5 per day or £100 per Month
Please see terms and conditions for full details
Craft must be fully insured, which insurance has to include cover for all and any work which the client requests Willowbridge Marina to carry out, INCLUDING CRANING, and or which the client and or his associates carry out. Charges, Rates and Fees not paid in advance or on Demand, will be doubled and Client's only employ and or instruct our yard on this understanding. No Craft can be launched until all charges and fees are settled, in full. All prices listed and or quoted are subject to variation. For a comprehensive and up to date quote please contact us using the Bookings section of the site. No craft may be sold from the site without the express, written permission of Willowbridge Marina. If a client does not use our Brokerage Service we reserve the right to charge a 4.8% commission of the inclusive sale price. Any client who employs a subcontractor is charged an extra flat rate fee of 12.00 per day for each and every subcontractor. All transactions are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Business, more especially the sections dealing with Craning Disclaimers and the employment of Subcontractors.
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