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Contract Moorings
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Contract Moorings
Mooring/Hardstanding Categories, Charges & Conditions
Summer & Winter Periods
All fees are payable in advance and inclusive of the appropriate rate of VAT. All transactions with Willowbridge Marina are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Business. The yard, chandlery and office are open every day of the year, except for December 25th & January 1st and any other period that may be advised. Daily opening hours are usually between 0800hrs & 1730hrs. Sundays 1000hrs & 1600hrs
Contract Afloat £5.37 per metre per week (approx. 163p per foot)
Wide-beam Craft (in excess of 7ft) will be subject to 20% surcharge up to 12ft. Over and above 12ft will be subject to a 50% surcharge
Contract Moorings/Hardstandings are subject to:
a) payment of a deposit (£500) which is non-refundable and will secure a space for a period of 1 year. The deposit is redeemable against the initial mooring invoice.
b) a completed Mooring/Hardstanding Contract form, formally accepted by the Company.
c) payment in full of the Mooring/Hardstanding invoice, by return, which settlement must be made for the contract to be accepted and honoured by Willowbridge Marina.
d) a minimum charged length of 8m
e) the length of the boat used for invoicing purposes taking into account all appurtenances and overhangs rounded up to the nearest metre.
f) being made with an individual, or individuals, not a Company.
The Summer Contract period is for seven months (30 weeks) between April & October, the Winter Contract period is for five months (22 weeks) between November and March.
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